Mulch Color Refresh

First I want to start off by saying, this isn’t a product review blog, however when we find a product we like, we just might recommend it for our followers and their homes. I love the look of mulch in landscaping,  however one of the downfalls is how incredibly fast it fades. Even when it […]

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Pallet Bar

Derek got creative on our day off together. Say hello to the newest addition to our outdoor space. A pallet bar! Made with two pallets, a few spare boards we had around the house and 3 paver stones. I think we can consider this one a success! Heres a few fun photos from the process!

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Paint & Curtains

We had a fantastic weekend filled with a few small home projects. We re-painted a wall and gave our entry way a little makeover, and changed out our dining room blinds for some curtains. Though these two things seem small, they made a huge difference to our home! Check out our new entry way! I’m […]

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Fireplace Wall

It’s finally done and ready to share! We put in a fireplace and did a wood plank wall! Derek did some sweet work on this one and we’re really proud of it!  from a blank slate wall to a attention getting useable feature wall.

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