About Us


Derek (Left) & Bobby (Right)

Welcome to our website/blog. Some of you I’m sure know who we are, and we are also

hoping we have some visitors that may have stumbled by… WELCOME!

Just as a quick introduction my name is Bobby (I do most of the blogging) and my wonderful amazing husband’s name is Derek. We are homeowners living in West Fargo, North Dakota and just enjoying this journey we call life. We absolutely love decorating for holidays and home decor in general, and I am in love with cooking.

Together we make quite the team. Meeting in May of 2015 and married in April of 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We enjoy time spent at home with our closest friends and family and I enjoy publishing some of our successes (and some fails) on this here blog/website. We have 2 puppies that we treat as our children. Their names are Winston & Westley, both pomeranians, small in size and HUGE in personality.

Come back often and check out our new posts. Also, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and sign up for email alerts, that way you NEVER miss a post!

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