Derek’s Surprise

I’m a sucker for being able to surprise someone I love with a thought out gift. Anyone that knows Derek would be able to tell you his favorite musician is Kenny Chesney. Well I’ve been working on it for awhile and decided to surprise him with tickets and a hotel room for xmas. I couldn’t wait until xmas to give him the surprise though… Here’s how I told him. 20181218_113024

He was going to get off work earlier than I was so I left this envelope on the counter for him when he got home. I also decided to text him a picture of it to build up some anticipation. When he opened it, here’s what he found.

Now we have another event to look forward to, and will start our spring BOTH getting to see our favorite musicians. I get to see Skillet on March 31st with the love of my life. Then, we get to see Derek’s favorite, Kenny Chesney on May 17th! Happy start to 2019 for us!

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